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Chico Sr. Rifle Team

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This section is available to pass along information to the Rifle Team, and other interested Club members, regarding matches and other activities associated with our participation in both the Chico Rod and Gun Club and the Buttes Rifle League (see below for more on the BRL). Our regular shooting night is Thursday (Oct-Mar). We continue to start the first relay at 6:30 PM. 9:00 PM closure in effect until April. The BRL program uses 1 hour relays, in the event problems arise we will begin earlier. New for the 21-22 season: F Class Rifle will be firing Tuesday afternoons, 1 pm to 4 pm. Contact us for details. Practice times are on a space available basis, on Tuesday nights (during the Jr Rifle sessions) or other times that may be scheduled within the master Club Calendar. The current calendar for the Senior Rifle Team and Junior Rifle Programs.

Chico Jr. League and Safety Classes

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This page will be available to pass along information to the Jr. Rifle Team, and other interested club members, regarding activities of the team. Our program is an NRA Affiliated Junior Rifle Training and Qualification Course. Membership in the Chico Rod and Gun Club and parental permission are required to participate.

Proof of purchase of Jr. Membership is required: [$25.00 + $40.00 range fee]

League this shooting begins, this year, the first Tuesday in November (2nd) and runs through March. Each Tuesday evening 5pm to 8pm. We usually don’t shoot over the Christmas Holidays.

Shooters must attend a safety and procedure orientation session prior to participation. These orientations are scheduled just before the season starts, see below.

NRA Junior Rifle Indoor Safety Course for the new season:

Classes will be at Chico Rod and Gun Club upper Bidwell Park, the first and second Tuesday in October.

*Ages approx. 10-18. [Lower end cut off may vary based on the maturity of the student].
*Adult or guardian must be with student at all times.
*Course fee is $20.00 [$10.00 will be credited toward a Jr membership at start of League]
*This class is required for Junior League. Certificates will issued @ League sign ups.

Shooters that can document successful completion of the Paradise Rod and Gun Club Jr. Program, or other similar program, will be excused from this class. Failure to pass our course or provide valid proof of completion for a similar class will preclude participation in League. Please contact us for information packet.

The Club supplies target grade rifles and other necessary equipment for the use of the participants. Participants provide their own hearing & eye protection (req’d).

Buttes Rifle League

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BRL News:

Shooting resumes in November for practice and December for League. BRL Results may follow as League gets going…