CCW Courses

Concealed Carry Weapons Courses



The State of California requires all initial CCW courses be a minimum of 8-hours. At Chico Rod and Gun Club instructors sometimes offer this course in a one time 8 hour session or we offer this course in a Modular Format.

The Modular Format:
Part One: Take Classes or Range time with an approved CCW instructor. This could be in one, two, or three hour sessions offered in the event description on the range calendar. Be sure to ask the instructor to fill out the Modular CCW Form for you. Classes such as; ‘How to get a CCW Course’ or Tuesday/Saturday CCW Add-on “open to the public” shoots. You must contact the instructor 2 days prior to the offered event. Your paperwork must show a total of 4 hours was completed with a CCW instructor prior to Part Two.
Part Two: Take a 4-hour CCW Course on the 1st / 3rd Friday or the 4th Saturday, offered through Chico Rod & Gun

**You must complete all the training requirements within 3 months or the Modular Format will not be valid.

Range Requirements:

  • Bring your firearms for class
  • Bring a minimum of 50 rounds per firearms you wish to shoot
  • Remember all your range safety gear (eyes and ears)
  • Wear appropriate attire.  The range is cold in the winter and hot in the summer.
  • Bring your Proof of class hours completed at Chico Rod & Gun to your 4 hour CCW Course.

You must contact the instructor for the events offered!

Renewal 4-hour CCW Classes

This is a minimum 4-hour course approved by the Butte County Sheriff for Renewal CCW’s or the second half of the 8-hour initial course with CR&G Club. Renewal CCW holders must have a current permit not expired past 160 days to attend this course. We encourage you contact the sheriffs department first and apply for your renewal before scheduling your class.

You can qualify up to four firearms during this class. For the firearms qualification, you are required to shoot a minimum of 10 rounds per firearm you are qualifying. Eight out of ten rounds must be shown within the qualifying rings. No scopes, magnum loads or lasers are permitted. This class is not for ‘Practice’, practice range nights are offered, please look at the calendar.

Classroom instruction includes firearms storage laws, areas where carrying concealed firearms are permitted/not permitted, State permit recognition, local and state mandates, legal and civil liabilities etc…followed by a written test.

Sign up by emailing the lead instructor of the class you are interested in below:

Tuesday Open to the Public CCW Practice Shoots; Lead instructor – Ralph LaRossa

Fourth Saturday of the month CCW 4 hour Course, CCW Add-on; Lead instructor- Tanya LeDonne

First Friday of the month CCW 4 hour Course; Lead instructor – Dan R.

Third Friday of the month CCW 4 hour Course; Lead instructor – Byron P.


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