1. Chico Rod & Gun Club (CRGC) is available for use by all CRGC Members, Guests of Members, private citizen groups and by the general public. Chico Rod & Gun Club Memberships are available to provide preferred access, discounts for merchandise, services and facility use, and other benefits. Chico Rod & Gun Club Membership is subject to Membership Terms and Conditions stated herein. Membership will be granted, and may be revoked, at the sole discretion of CRGC.

2. As part of the consideration for membership, the Member hereby agrees to remain a Member and pay the Yearly Maintenance Fee for a period of no less than one (1) year from the date the contract is signed. Said Membership will then automatically renew at the end of each Membership period unless a request for cancellation is submitted in writing at least 30 days prior to the expiration date of the contract.

3. All Members, Guests, and other CRGC facility users must obey the Gun Club Rules and must review, agree to the terms of, and sign the Adult Release, Assumptions of Risk and Indemnity Agreement each time you visit the range.

4. A Membership may be unilaterally terminated by CRGC if, in the sole discretion of CRGC management, the conduct of a Member or the Member's Guest presents a safety hazard to the Member or to any other user or employee or CRGC or to CRGC facilities. In no event will there be any refund of any Registration fee paid.

5. After the first year of Membership, such Membership shall be considered "abandoned" and terminated in the event of
non-payment for two consecutive years. There is no refund of any portion of the Fee paid in the event Membership is abandoned.

6. Any destruction of CRGC property caused by a Member or a Member's Guest, whether accidental, neglect, will full or otherwise, may result in the violator being removed from the range and/or facility, suspended or removed from Membership, and/or criminally prosecuted. In addition, CRGC reserves the right to assess to the Member a reasonable charge for any such damage, regardless of
whether the damage is caused by the Member or the Members Guest.